Sarisbury Green Preschool
Sarisbury Green Preschool



The fees are charged hourly at £7.00 per hour and are payable half termly in advance, during the first week of that half term.

Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent due to holiday or sickness.

In cases of prolonged absences parents should consult the Supervisor.



There is a £25 retainer fee payable for all children with invoiced hours.

This payment is required prior to your child starting.

This fee will be refunded to you once your child no longer has any hours which are to be invoiced.




Grant funded children are entitled to funded nursery education the term after their 3rd birthday for up to 15 or 30 hours per week, depending on entitlement, for 38 weeks per year.


There is a £1.00 per hour consumables charge.


Pre-School will charge for additional hours you may require for your child at the current rate.


These fees will be the responsibility of the parent/carer.


Holidays or sickness during term time cannot offset this cost.


We also offer 2 year old funded according to certain qualifying criteria.


This funding has the same conditions as the 3 year old funding.