Sarisbury Green Preschool
Sarisbury Green Preschool


On arrival the parent or carer must sign in their child(ren). If a different person is due to collect the child the name of the collector must be recorded on the sheet. If your child is still in nappies/pull-ups could you please bring a bag of spare sundries and clothes in a named bag and leave in the box in  the hallway or give to your child’s key person. Children are also required to bring a drink bottle, containing water only.

Registration: The children are invited to find their own name and upon entering the pre-school room they are invited to place their name on the board provided – they can then freely choose from our extensive range of activities and equipment.

Free Play: Children can choose from a range of activities planned to promote the seven areas of learning. A wide range of messy activities including: paint, water, sand and playdough, as well as puzzles, drawing, cutting, construction and small world toys are available daily. A themed role-play area, dressing-up box and quiet book corner are also on offer daily.

Healthy Eating: Towards the end of free play refreshments are served. The children are given a choice of milk or water along with either fresh fruit, vegetables or other alternative healthy snacks.

Garden play: We try to use our amazing garden as often as possible. A fantastic selection of activities are placed outside for the children to access, as well as having a woodland area with trees to climb, a wigwam and mud kitchen. We request that each child has a named coat, waterproof trousers and welling boots for this purpose. Fortunately the garden is shady and never has the full sun during the day. This ensures that your child should never burn, but please remember they may need a light jacket even when it seems very hot outside.

Tidy Up/Story Time: All Children are encouraged to help with the tidying of toys and are encouraged to listen to and
participate in storytelling. A range of traditional and modern stories are told from books or using puppets. Our own range of books is expanded by the regular use of the local library.

Songs: We end our sessions singing songs and nursery rhymes with the whole group.  We sing a range of traditional and modern songs and nursery rhymes and the children have the opportunity to play and experiment with musical instruments on a regular basis. 

Collecting children: Parents and carers collect children and their belongings from outside the Pre-school room. The collector must sign their child(ren) out of the ‘signing in’ book before leaving the building.